Adglow & Facebook’s Social Media Hackathon

Date(s) - 13/04/2019
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Facebook Spain

Take part in a unique software challenge at our Madrid Hackathon 2019 Challenge: "Build a solution that empowers business with better creative assets" ***FREE TO REGISTER and ATTEND*** WHAT'S A HACKATHON? A hackathon is an event where a group gets together to collaborate on an IT / software problem, sometimes competitively. WHAT'S SPECIAL ABOUT THIS ONE? Adglow's Hackathon takes place at Facebook's Madrid offices. There will be teams from FB as well as Adglow, and we're inviting the general public to take part too. Our Hackathon will be a competition where we set a challenge in advance and teams are pitted against each other to come up with the coolest solution. The jury for the Hackathon will be made up of renouned experts in Technology and Advertising. WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE? "Build a solution that empowers business with better creative assets" Creative assets are an essential part of campaigns, with huge impact on their performance and results. The choice of creative assets is largely informed by the target audience, hence why it's vital to use the strategic planning phase of a campaign to determine who you want to reach. The success of a campaign depends on the continuous analysing, refreshing and optimisation of creative assets throughout its life – and when the campaign ends, it's time to take feedback onboard and identify key learnings for future projects. For Adglow & Facebook's 2019 Hackathon we're challenging you to come up with ideas to better manage creative assets at every stage of the campaign lifecycle, ultimately improving the end results: During the campaign planning phase, drawing data from top performing campaigns for that same client or vertical that used certain creative assets. During the execution phase, in order to improve the refreshing and monitoring of creative assets for each different audience. The challenge is to ideate, design or prototype solutions around creative management in all phases of the campaign lifecycle to achieve optimal performance. Tips:
  • Historical data can help to predict future behaviour Creative Exhaustion (when, early signals, etc) Creative best practices & guidelines Creative spin Cataloging Creative & Cost The Hackathon was born out of the idea of open collaboration and as a result, all material generated from the event – e.g ideas, prototypes, processes and source code – will be categorised as 'open source' thereby providing copy, study, change or distribution rights to any person and for any purpose.
WHO'S INVITED? This Hackathon is perfect for engineers, developers, designers, software experts, data analysts, product marketers, API geeks and data freaks. You can enter as a team or as an individual, using the form on this page. If you are registered individually, you will be assigned to a team by the organisation. The teams should be composed of at least 3 members and a maximum of 5. WHAT WILL HAPPEN DURING THE HACKATHON? 08:30 - registration & breakfast 09:00 - welcome and reminder of the challenge 09:30 - build time (with snacks and drinks) 13:00 - lunch 15:30 - presentations 17:30 - judge's deliberations & happy hour 18:30 - winners announced WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? Bring your brain, laptop and charger. We'll provide food, refreshments, wifi and motivational quotes. Please note, presentations must be made in English. WHAT IS THE PRIZE? Besides participating in a top notch event, the II Adglow & Facebook's Hackathon offers you more interesting rewards: A day of networking, knowledge-sharing and teamwork with other curious minds, with the collaboration of expert figures in the world of paid social media. Exposure of your profile to future RealWorld© projects, which Adglow has been developing for the last ten years with its own Innovation unit, a fifty people strong team located in Madrid. A gift that comes on wheels! Getting around in the city nowadays is synonymous with innovation, technology and taking care of the environment – in two words, electric scooters. And since the Hackathon takes place in Spain, each member of the winning team will be able to go home with a magnificent Cecotec Outsider Evolution: a Spanish quality product with raving reviews. HOW DO I ENTER? If you'd like to take part, you can sign up through the form on the event's website. Attendees can register as a team or an individual. Both registration and participation are completely free.
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